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Announcement [16 Dec 2008|03:01pm]

In case you'd like to do this again?


I'm running the opening story Arc for the Hundred worlds, again.  I think M and Brigit and Lynette and Isaac are the only ones who played it the first time around -but - if you aren't doing anything tuesday nights next year - you're welcome to come.
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Shooting at the dark [09 Jul 2008|05:39pm]

Hey people.  

I've given up on every convincing the lot of you to return to the table as a group of any sort - 

But I thought I'd mention at least that the various groups I'm currently in have vacancies - and that there's a fresh game of the - Vastly Improved - 4th edition beginning on Tuesday night in Parma - you're all invited and if you only want to test the new rules etc...  be aware -  I'll have characters generated for you and it'll be an easy tutorial - as session one promises to be intensive fighting and really not much else.

Just so you know fellas:
Here's the Forum:  http://zabz.freeforums.org/   

I'm running Against the Fall of Night.

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New Campaign Starting due to TPK - Every Other Wednsday [31 Jan 2008|10:34am]

From time to time you have been given books to read and so you know that your life is not normal. You cannot recall any parents but you have a sizeable family. The trainers do not love you, they are what you have instead of parents, they reward you when you can go through the dark unseen and unheard, they reward you when you can snatch the coins from the statue covered in fishhooks and bells and not be noticed, they reward you with better food, access to books and the chance to have your own room, your own bed. They punish your failures, those being intolerable. They have shown brutality that haunts your dreams still, failure deserves a crippling or a maiming, insolence courts death. They are strict beyond bearing and just as it seemed that you would snap from the strain you were taken aside. Now you are old enough to be trusted with higher arts, greater mysteries of the order – whether it has a name you have not been told it. Your own name is unknown to you; you have always been called “student”. Now you are told that you are old enough and skilled enough for promotion. They move you from the barracks with the other children to a cell of your own. You are provided with whatever materials you require in pursuit of your interests. A love of learning, curiosity about the world outside, history, science even thaumaturgy are not barred from your inquiry – indeed every interest is promoted. You still train at a grueling pace and still the trainers treat you harshly, but now it is colored with respect. Their expectations grow as you do. You are joined to others of the same unspoken rank as you – and given what amounts to a name – Primatus, Secundus, Tertius, Quaternarius, Quintillus, Sextus, Septimus – and you are told that you are now a Bond and that your Master will be the Hangman – one of the trainers – now given a name like your. You never see the Hangman’s face, he is hooded and masked but you know him by the sound of his cane on the stone of your home and the depth & luster of his voice. He is not compassionate but he is not cruel. He is patient and demanding. Know him by the intricately carved cane that he walks with, made from the leg-bone of some creature with a  leg as long as a man. The Hangman Allows you to peer from the windows when he thinks you are old enough and capable enough to bear the sight of the world outside. It is a white world in contrast with the blackness of your upbringing. Conical mountain peaks wreathed in snow & glorious turquoise glaciers are all arrayed below you – your home is at the peak of the earth, a high point of the world. Your mind is trained against the world though you do not understand this training and do not remember much of it. In the end it is decided that you are capable. Your training is sufficient and you are to be tested. You descend the mountain for the first time feeling a terrible freedom and the weight of the sky upon you. You are taken to a wagon which is drawn away. You ride for days and your are blindfolded. You know better than to speak or ask questions. At last the wagon stops. The Hangman looks you over and speaks. “There is a house just outside. Go into it, be unseen, within the house is a treasure, seek it – it is a jewel of great beauty carved into the shape of a rose. Take it and it return here undetected. Kill anyone who sees you and let none know your name or your numbers. And with that you begin.
Welcome to D&D Stealth.
Here’s the rules:
Ability Scores -   A special method of communal rolling is used to create ability scores – you are stuck with the members of your band and they are stuck with you.
Humans only
Player Resource List-
Your Imagination should be right at the top. I’ll let you do anything that isn’t especially silly.
Skills –
Old -
Hide & Move Silently are combined into Stealth
Listen & Spot are combined into Perception
Disable Device & Open Lock are combined to the new skill Mechanics
New –
The Skill Meditation is available to players
Meditation allows you to enter a trancelike state rather than sleep. You gain specific benefits based on the DC you can achieve with a check. Meditation is based on Wisdom.
            DC 14 – You need only half the normal amount of sleep
            DC 16 – You recover HP at twice the normal rate
DC 20 – You can meditate on a subject and gain a +2 insight bonus on a skill check when you resume wakefulness. 
Ancillary  Skills –
            Characters gain 6 skill points per level – not multiplied or modified by a statistic. These ancillary points are used to buy Profession, Craft & Knowledge skill ranks as well as language skills. You must spend one of your ancillary skill points to be literate. You may spend you normal skill points on ancillary skills but these are all considered to be cross class skills for the purpose of maximum ranks. You never roll dice to determine these skills you are considered to always be taking a 10 on any of these ancillary skills.
Character Class/Build –
All characters are built from the same skeleton. Full Base Attack Bonus – 2 good saves & bonus feats at every even level. You also get d10 hd & 8 skill points per level & choose 10 skills to be class skills. You also gain any 10 class abilities of your choice – which will be assigned a level progression by the DM. Characters gain a bonus to their AC equal to their character level. All characters begin the campaign at level 3 with max HP.
Feats –
            Weapon Focus/Specialization. Weapon Focus is different in this campaign.
            Requirements – BAB +1
Benefit – You gain a +1 to all attack and damage rolls with a specific weapon. Whenever you gain additional attacks from having a high BAB the bonus to damage increases by an additional +1. You can forgo the bonus to damage to gain a parry bonus of +2 to your AC.
New Feat -
Shield Parry
Requirement – BAB +2/ Shield Proficiency/ Two Weapon Fighting
Benefit – You add your Dexterity bonus to the AC bonus a shield provides, the total of this bonus is your shield bonus. (Your DEX bonus still applies to your AC normally- this feat allows you to double it).
New Feat-
Make it up! 
You can make up a feat or class ability.
Armor Absorbs Damage –
Armor listed in the PHB has its AC modifier halved. Half of the AC modifier counts as DR instead. For example. A chain shirt provides +4 AC in the PHB but under these rules it grants +2 AC and DR /2. Shields are affected in the same way and all the DR gained from armor stacks with any natural DR you gain.
Alignment –
None. There are no alignments.
Healing, Hit Points and Crippling & Wounds-
Magical healing is hard to come by in this campaign. Characters heal naturally during rest. They recover their HD + their Con Bonus in HP per rest period. Meditation can alter this rate & a successful Heal check made at 10 + the damage will double the rate of healing (d&d doubling so triple with meditation etc…). 
In addition to HP characters have Wound Points. A character’s wound points are equal to their Constitution score. Instead of dropping below 0 HP – characters take wounds & remain conscious after falling below 0 HP. Each wound taken represents a catastrophic injury that imposes a -10’ move penalty and a cumulative -1 penalty on all checks. For example – Septimus has 15 HP left and 10 Wound points. He receives an attack that deals 18 points of damage. He remains conscious but suffers a -3 penalty on all checks and has his movement rate reduced by –30’. Wounds are difficult to recover from. It takes 1 week to recover 1 WP – which is reduced to 4 days with a successful Heal check DC 15, further reduced to 2 days with a meditation check. 
Critical Hits & Wounds.
Critical Hits do not double or triple damage but apply instead directly to Wound Points. Any Armor DR is doubled against this damage (since armor is intended to protect vital areas). For example Sixtus takes a critical hit that deals 10 points of damage. He has armor that provides DR 4 normally – against this attack it provides 8 points - so he suffers 2 wounds and takes a -2 penalty on all rolls. 
            Quest Points-
            You gain a number of Quest points equal to your character level + a bonus based on Roleplay and story hooks. You can spend a Quest Point to do any of the following:
            1 – Roll 4d6 instead of d20 on any d20 roll
            2- Emulate a feat that you meet the prerequisites for.
            3 – meet one prerequisite for a feat (combined with 2 above)
            4 – You can use a quest point to gain another standard action in a round
            5 – You can spend 2 Quest points to negate up to 5 points of damage.
            You do not refresh Quest points – you gain 1 at every level and are awarded more for good RP & achieving story goals.
            Spellcasting, Magic & Religion
            These are treated specially in this campaign. If you want to play a magically adept character please PM me for details. No character starts this campaign with any religious training. 
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For Interested Parties... [20 Dec 2007|12:25pm]


Here's the link to the game that I run right now on wednsday nights - 

If you read this you are welcome to join or to post at your leisure.  



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War of Imperial Succession [24 Sep 2007|03:02pm]

 There needs to be another D&D Campaign going - so I'm going to run this on Wednsday nights 7-11 or so - starting on the 26th.

Here's how it starts out:

It's late in the Red Season (autumn) & the Burkannyl (local lord) of the Serpentfang Coast (the region where the game will be played - named for the Fanglike karsts that dot the otherwise flat & fecund plain) has called a muster - the Men of the Village of Forest of Cranes have gone to the the Burkannyl's fortress at Amberwall to get their bows & join their regiments. Meanwhile a pack of Thylacines from the Cranes' Wood has been stalking some of the village's flocks, several alpacas & goats have been slaughtered & now there is a call from the mothers & grandmothers of the village - youth must prove its courage as the pre-adults of the village (the PCs) are called to go to the haunted wood & hunt down & kill the bloodthirsty animals
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Monday Nights - War of the Kliali Succession - [18 Jul 2007|12:37pm]

This is a High-Fantasy & Low-Magic setting (it’ll make sense as we play along) which is both Baroque - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque & Gothic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Middle_Ages . At the first session I’ll be distributing the campaign materials (everyone gets a free, illustrated 150 page book… in PDF format) & discussing which system we’d like to use and what kind of characters we’d like to play. 
We’ll be meeting to build character backgrounds & establish which system we’d like to use (I’m competent to run D20 – WoD or Rolemaster). A character concept is not necessary at this point! We’ll be constructing background and establishing characters during this first session & including a little light introductory adventure. Plan on playing an adolescent level 0 character for this first session – we’ll advance quickly after roles and personalities are established. 
This is a High-Adventure campaign – adventure & excitement are the heart of the game itself so don’t anticipate working for people doing odd jobs & taking a lot of direction. Self-directed characters will do well & those willing to adopt leadership roles will be advantaged considerably. 
In terms of play-times & frequency this game will run every other Monday night from 7 – whenever @ the Warzone Matrix on Rocky River – right near the Airport. 
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Monday Nights Please Respond! [09 Jul 2007|09:24am]

Well, our games for mondays find themselves desperately seeking players.

Here's a question for all of you:  

Does anyone want to join a new game up at the Warzone?  It's an alright place to roll the dice, big tables, plenty of new people to join up.  They don't have any monday games right now and I'm going to try and co-ordinate our team here with their stock of players.  I find myself without much to do tonight and maybe you're in the same boat?

Here's what we'll do - Please Reply here and let me know if you're interested in coming/ able to come or if you've just had it alltogether and never want to roll the dice again.

If you're able - please come to the Warzone tonight at 7.  If you need directions or anything give me a call - 440-665-2356.
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[05 Jul 2007|05:06pm]

A few weeks ago, avatar_x extended an invite to me to join in his Aberrant rpg campaign. For some reason, I'm not so into that.

I don't really have much of a knack for improvisational acting, but because I have aptitude for understanding complex systems of rules, I tend to make a good tactical gamer, treating the character more like a wargaming miniatures playing piece than a person.

I don't find that I do as well with story and plot, though, and for that reason I make a fairly poor GM. I have lots of good ideas for worlds, but I find that putting those worlds into motion requires a lot that I'm
weak on -- the ad libbing and ad hoc adjudication takes a certain amount of skill to do well that I don't really have.

I've always wanted to do it, but I can't seem to do it well. Perhaps my ideas are too grandiose in scope and not enough well-developed.

I've come to the realization that my interest in RPGs is less in actually playing them and more in reading about them and designing the rules.

However, I'm thinking of homebrewing a Transformers role-playing game system and campaign setting. Is anyone interested? There's already a fairly rich set of source material to steal inspiration from, which I'd imagine anyone in my general demographic would already be familiar with, and I have some idea how I'd like to do it.
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[07 Mar 2007|02:09pm]

Elf defence for 'lingerie thief'
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This is something we should all be forced to take for our characters [28 Feb 2007|03:02pm]

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Now it is may 1946 [25 Feb 2007|11:47am]


July 18th 1945  - Trinity alters the war completely and grants accidental advantages where there were none.  The Atom Bomb is not a viable option - the super-soldier is now the ultimate weapon.  Trinity has caused Super Soldiers to come into existence everywhere though - now there is a third theater in the war.  

Nazi Germany has fallen already - but the occupation is suffering as Nazi- and Soviet and Allied Supermen struggle to win the peace - President Truman has given a clear indication that winning Germany from the Soviet Union is his top priority - creating a new stalemate and commiting the United States' best supermen to Europe.  Meanwhile the Pacific Theater has heated up.  Macarthur's island hopping strategy has been partly undone by the emergence of The Empire of Japan's own Supermen.  

The Japanese Supermen are divided into two camps - the Navy has it's own powers - who have reversed the situation of the Imperial Navy through amazing tactics and control of the weather - so that now the Battleship Yamamoto and it's fleet group govern the entire pacific - having sunk three Allied Carrier Groups since August of 1945.  The Imperial Army has not been so successful and MacArthur's strategy still holds.  The island campaigns are more and more important as air-supremacy has become the Allies' real advantage in the conflict.  Force projection is now accomplished entirely by para-drop and the Japanese Armie's island strongholds have been slowly but surely cracked open.  No longer able to select one island or another strategically-  every island that can hold an airfield is now of utmost importance in the drive for the home Islands.  Presently the Philippines are the center of conflict in the Pacific as the US attempts to liberate the entire nation.  On the Asian Mainland things are much worse for the Japanese.  Manchuria and Mongolia have been recaptured by the newly emerging Peoples Liberation Army - under the Command of Party Chairman Mao Zedong - himself s Super (apparently with Mind control powers).  The Soviet Union has come to the aid of these Red Chinese and President Truman has dissolved the United States' alliance with the Soviets - seeing North Asia as another battleground in a newly emerging war with the Soviets.  

Island Hopping is harder than it had been but Japanese resistance is all but broken.  Whenever an island is taken the soldiers there are found to be very young or very old and universally starving.  Conditions are bad - but the Imperial Army's Supermen are providing a valiant battle against the US's drive for the home Islands.  

The Imperial Navy is known to have 2 Supers 
- the Kamikaze (holy storm) - who controls the weather 
- Fleet Admiral Yamamoto - the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack and evidently a tactical genius

The Imperial Army has more Supers but they are less powerful
- The Samurai (the knight) - Stronger, faster and tougher than other men - he appears in old fashioned armor
- The Oni (the ogre) - Super Strong and terrifyingly ugly - he has been seen to shoot fire and hypnotize people
- The Kappa (frogman) - Some kind of shapeshifter 
- The Tengu - (wolfman) - Stronger and faster and tougher than other men

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Gilbert's Summer Vacation [16 Feb 2007|07:07pm]


In Casablanca there is too much to notice, too many strange Europeans examining him, restless eyes, furtive hands – the heat is not uncomfortable.  He has a suit cut – English tailor, his hands are the most furtive of all, Gilbert decides not to be troubled.  The Ship returns to the sea, his friend living in the satellites and the waves of electrons between them sees to that.  He is Aneas now stranded in bountiful Africa, unsummoned guest of an ancient empire.  Warnings against the desert go unheeded, the greatest desert is beneath the waves and he is a far traveler.  The dunes are relentless though, and the stars are haunting.  Far into the wastes and there is no light but the stars and they are hypnotic.  He allows himself to deteriorate in the elements, only just, the heat and the desiccation might kill everyone, anyone – not him.  He continues and accepts disorientation.  Sometimes he aims toward the east, but always his pace is measured.  From time to time there are other travelers, oblivious to the west, to the east.  They say their prayers and wander the Sahara indistinguishable from their grandparents or their grandparent's grandparents for 20 generations at least.  There are places as well – uncanny ruins ruined by the scouring wind – slivers of jagged bone – places where the world began.  In one of these he is lost, letting himself go, too far.  He falls into the dunes, and finds himself snared.  There in the ruins of the first of all countries he notices her and she commands him.  She is of the stars, of this he cannot be dissuaded.  She suspects as much of him.  They do not share any language but that is not required, they are alike in the ways that matter now.  Aneas – and he calls her Queen Dido, the mistress of great Africa.  She speaks only an antique speech, ancient beyond any other.  When the sun rises she prays to ancient gods and different ones as the sun sets.  He lingers there with her as long as he can – eventually they speak the same speech and she begs his assistance, she floats in the air – diffuse and sometimes imperceptible, he is dazed and obedient – she tells him this is her witchcraft, a gift of her pagan divinities.  He follows after her as she floats on the wind and in the days that follow he sees too many terrible things. 


            Deep in the desert there are settlements – so poor and precarious it is a wonder that the people there have anything at all – but they have enough that one among them might seek to dominate – this is the way of all people he thinks and his theorem is proven by the warlord Ishango – Daddy Ishango governs through rape and terror and cruelty.  He takes from everyone – his mind eroded by the powers that perverse nature has granted him.  She says that he is a creature of the night gods, mirrors of her own saints who bestow wickedness and trickery on mankind.  Daddy Ishango is wickedness and trickery.  With a touch he takes on the shape of the sand, or of the air or of the bare wind-whetted rock.  He calls on the fire and he cannot be separated from the earth nor from the wind, nor from his mortal coil.  Gilbert struggles with him for ten days and nights, they do not cease their conflict.  The world does not shake, though perhaps Africa does.  Fire falls and smothers everything, Gilbert struggles on.  The mountains crumble and collapse upon him, Gilbert struggles on.  In time he erodes the resolve of Ishango, in time he is able to wrest him from the earth, from the rock – Ishango becomes wind and escapes – into Queen Dido's ready embrace, at last the despot is crushed, he dissipates in air and whatever is in him spreads through the wind.  Gilbert lingers long enough to see how matters will resolve.  The people of the desert are ready to give him their service, the golden man out of heaven – but they are filled with fear of Queen Dido who it seems will be their new despot, though perhaps less cruel than the madman Ishango, nevertheless a tyrant.  Out of love he leaves her, lest he be called upon to be her usurper or worse – her king.  She is hostile to his betrayal and pursues him over the dunes compelling his thoughts but not his feet, he wanders far and she pursues – everything is visions and the malice of God.  He runs but cannot escape, she pursues and will not be dissuaded.  His thoughts undone, his strength defeated he lies in the sun and waits for the eons to erode him as they do all things.  His final surrender is sufficient for her jealousy he will not submit to her affections but it is enough for her that he succumbs to her malice.  The stars and then the sun and then the stars.  The wind rises and the stars are occluded – the sand falls like a torrent and he lies buried.  That is the long night the length of which he cannot guess.  It's during this long night that the seeker finds him.


            He cannot place her accent but she speaks to him in English.  "It seems you're very sad Sir, or perhaps you're an Ostrich?  Will you lie in the sand until it becomes rock?  It seems you'll survive it!  Gracious and what are you?  I've found a golden man in the desert."  He learns that all of her dreams come true.  In a dream she knew she would find him there and so she came across the desert.  In a dream she knew that she would help him and that he in turn would save her – for the desert's harshness had marooned her in the wastes.  "In my dreams I see a place and then sometimes I wake there." She concedes.  "I haven't dreamt of anything but this for weeks now, I don't know if I can escape."  She is afraid, but she needn't be.  His strength is back upon him and he carries her out of the desert in a day.  "I knew you would save me, I saw it in a dream, it's only correct anyway – since I saved you."  She tells him her name and in a Mogadishu hotel they linger through August.  "You should go back to where you're meant to be." She scolds him. 


            "I'm meant to be here." He tells her, "I saw it in my dreams."  She is kind to him and he fears her reasons.  She says nothing about her home and won't help him place her language.  "In a dream you left me here."  He tells her and to this she only nods.  In a few days he wakes alone, her things left behind along with him.  It doesn't require much to contact his friend.  His ship appears and he sails it alone back to the place that is supposed to be his home.  The sand pouring over him, covering him forever seems more hospitable and he wonders if she'd come to save him again.


            The Cast:

                        Queen Dido –

                        STR     3          PER     3          APP     4

                        DEX    3          INT      3          MAN   4

                        STA     3          WITS   4          CHA    2


                         – DENSITY CONTROL        4

                        -  DISORIENT                        4




                        Daddy Ishango -

                        STR     4          PER     3          APP     1

                        DEX    4          INT      1          MAN   3

                        STA     5(2)      WITS   3          CHA    1


                        -  MATTER CHAMELEON                3

                        -  ELEMENTAL MASTERY               3



                        The Dreamer -

                        STR     2          PER     5(3)      APP     4 (3)

                        DEX    2          INT      3          MAN   2

                        STA     3          WITS   4          CHA    3


                        - PRETERCOGNITION                     4

                        - PREMONITION                              4

                        - LUCK                                               5

                        - TELEPORT                                       4

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37th White Day – Bitterchill – Year of the Kannyltines 2189. [05 Feb 2007|11:27am]


      The Grey Season of 2189 will be remembered as uncommonly mild, but the White Season must be remembered as uncommonly bitter.  The High Forest of Skrauner is known to be inhospitable in the cold seasons under even the best circumstances and so over the past pair of months it is a wonder that the four of you have survived at all.  Food has been scarce and at times it seems you have missed more meals than you have taken.  The game you have snared is all scrawny and underfed and the brutal winter has put a near halt to smuggling activity the very blood of the Skrauner Wood.  It is as if the high forest were a body now frozen.  Instead of aid or assistance from the camp of Eagle-Eye Roland your ersatz patron you receive news of death by illness and starvation.  You yourselves are not immune from the hostile conditions.  Snowbound you've spent at least two weeks bound to your houses in the strange grove of the Mountain God.  Gums weak you've found clumps of hair and even the occasional tooth in the basin during your morning ablutions, or perhaps you've misplaced a fingertip or a toe in the aweful chill of bitter winter in the high forest. 


      All the parties of the forest have faired badly, some far worse than yourselves.  In the past month you've taken on a few stragglers, members of smuggling bands now disbanded due to mutiny, starvation or worse.  Five men with the Tall Axes of the southern Yoyue now live in the Mountain God's village all that remains of a company of Hall-Axe condotta.  A Pair of Roland's own archers have come to serve as hunters and scouts and as well there are the assorted camp followers a trio of forest women their houses broken by the terrible winter have come in search of succor and as well there are the orphaned affiliates of those camps you have broken by violence and sword for the bitter winter has done little to increase the wealth of the Smuggling barons of the Skrauner but it has inflamed their rivalries and Roland has made great use of your primary talents as mercenary executioners.  You have put down many minor bands as well as the hunting incursions of the neighboring barons trade being less useful in these desperate times than game.  In all your reputations have been secured, this has been proven as on one occasion it fell to you to repel two separate attempts at assassination staged by the anarchic minions of Lotor and the hard pressed agents of Finestre.  In both instances the peculiar layout of your spare little village has proved highly functional. 


      As the 37th White Day dawns this is what you know of the Skrauner wood and this is what you anticipate: 


      - The Skrauner Wood is divided into bandit-prncipalities.


      The Strongest of these is that of Manfredt which occupies the Northern edge of the forest.  Manfredt is supported to some degree by Tunkannyl Florian who has all but abandoned his responsibility to maintain law and order in the forest as he is consumed by his ongoing campaigns against neighboring Rosecrown.


      Roland is perhaps the second strongest militarily, in no small part due to you and your growing company of mercenaries. 


      Galba far to the south is the most successful and secretive of the smuggler barons, it is clear he has some external patronage but who and where is unknown.  You have had very little engagement with Galba or his agents although they apparently press very hard on Finestre.


      Finestre is in the weakest position of all the Barons.  Trapped between ambitious Roland and powerful Glaba, his territory diminishes by the day and his best mercenaries have all found an untimely death most of them at your hands.  Finestre had been an ally of the Chamberlain, but his reversing fortunes have plunged him into a sort of solitude.    


      Lotor is the most dangerous of the Bandit Barons.  Barely an authority at all, Lotor's gangs are basically murderous pirates who brazenly interfere with the clandestine trafficking of the other barons.  Lotor and his band would certainly have been exterminated by now if not for their lack of any central base or operation.  They have proven elusive and difficult to track. 


      Corianus and his band is uncommon and unique in the Skrauner wood.  They do not transport smuggle the riches of Rosecrown into the East, but rather traffic the swords of Solemnwell into the temperate west.  Corianus, much research has revealed, is a follower of the Poisoned Sword a heretic tradition of the Crafter Church that espouses the death and destruction of mankind in the service of the crafts of war.  He has, however, pledged an oath of non-interference with you and your band openly asserting that you yourselves are akin to him.  It is known that he is supported at least somewhat by the church at the Swardjohm about which more in a moment. 


      Events have progressed outside of the Skrauner Wood as well. 


      In Rosecrown the Palace of Bright Fortune has fallen to Tunkannyl Florian it is expected that within the year he will return his attentions to his local holdings particularly the chaotic Skrauner wood. 


      In the Swardjohm there has been a minor coup.  The local priests of the Crafter Church have usurped the authority of the Ruylishean Duelists.  A Church Duelist has arisen and is said to wield the Majer-Sward the Mother of Swords, said to be the first of all the swords in the world.  This artifact has secured his place as the greatest of duelists and over the past pair of months he has bested and united the many schools of the Ruylishean under his aegis, he in turn being a creature of the Church it seems as if all the mystical authority in Swardjohm indeed in all of Solemnwell has fallen to the Crafter Church.  Domitia has lost important support and it seems that in the next year her position will be threatened.  The Chamberlain has suggested to you that she will flee Solemnwell without marrying young Tomas who it seems has proven intractable and difficult to manage. 


      Outside Solemnnwell there are rumors that the eastern neighbor Nightcandle has begun to suffer from interference from their Euye Neighbor Stormhorse.  The details are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that the Chamberlain has some stake in these events. 


      You communicate with the chamberlain mainly through coded messages that arrive by pigeon.  Communication with Roland is by messenger.


      Your camp, initially consisting of yourselves and the irrepressible Trudo (called Double-Lucky) has grown to include the following notables:


      Fabricio Klial Goldendream A native of Great Klial, Fabricio has fled the easy life in the capitol.  Entranced by the Yoyue traditions he joined a condotta company of Emberbark Hall-Axemen.  After many reversals and much misfortune here in the Skrauner Wood he has come to be the Sarjent commander of the four remaining members of his little company.  He has sworn loyalty to your company as you have generously taken him and his 4 soldiers in.  He is loyal, effective and good natured but ruthless when it is called for.

His Soldiers now number 4 but once their legion was composed of more than a hundred highly trained mercenaries.  They have been crushed by military failures, the hard weather and desertion so that now they only the five of them.


      Gasdoe the Skraunerman A Skrauner native and agent of Roland Gasdoe is an able hunter and skillful archer, he has wintered with you and is largely responsible for your ongoing survival.  He has an adolescent son who always accompanies him.


      Claudine Swardjohm Once the Patroness of the Whipsnake style and among the leaders of the Ruylishean in Swardjohm, Claudine was defeated by the Church duelist, now, crippled and defeated she has come to find her once most favored student Lilith in the hopes of convincing her to take up her sword and rescue the Ruylishean from the Church's hegemony. 


      There are at least 10 other people living in your camp at any given time.  All of them regard the four of you as their patrons and leaders. 

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It's another recruitment drive! [25 Jan 2007|04:30pm]

dunno if I Avatar-X wants or needs new players for his Aberrant game - which (if you haven't played I highly reccomend) - but it's a good time for growing the party in my Klial game.  Interested parties should respond!  Also it's every other  monday night at my house.
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[06 Dec 2006|03:45pm]

Just wanted to let y'all know that we're on for Aberrant Monday. I got someone to trade shifts with me.

don't forget your homework!
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[29 Nov 2006|11:50pm]

Major scoreage: I now not only have every Aberrant book ever made- including fan stuff and a unreleased book- I have every book ever made for the Trinity Universe. Thanks, internets!

The unreleased book is pretty interesting- it focuses on the mental Mega-Attributes. There's some neat new enhancements in there, suggestions for fun stuff to do with Mega-Int- Who wants to be a millionaire?- and some info on Gadgeteering, though the bulk of that's actually in the player's guide. Apparently, the plan was to do one each for social and physical Mega-Attributes as well, but.....the line got canceled.

(the name of the book? Brain Waves. *snort*)

Here's the news on Gadgeteering: You need Mega-Int to ever try it, and the system for doing so in really ridiculous and involved. There's a fan-made system that apparently uses rules from Adventure! that seem a little simpler, but I gotta check it out and make sure it's not all wacked out.

They also point out that gadgeteering is really time-consuming - to the point where a character night wind up missing out on the campaign, 'cause they're holed up in the lab.

The gadget rules still don't quite get you Iron Man. Here's the rub: While Novas routinely defy physics, anything they build still pretty much has to. It is possible to build stuff the mimics Nova powers, but it has to run off your own quantum, and will only be usable by you.

So, yeah. I'll have to see what I can do with it.

Also, the players handbook is kind of a mixed bag. There's some useful stuff in there, but it's mostly metaplot. Oh, and it has level 4, 5, and 6(!) Quantum powers. No, you can't have any.

Thank goodness I have a ST screen now....


Don't Forget the Amazing Doll Man.

World's Worst Superhero Names.
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Time to blow the dust off this sucker. [09 Nov 2006|07:29pm]

I used to hate Rifts because it was so broken and ridiculous- now I realize that's why it's great.

Also: Real Men Don't Play GURPS
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[14 Oct 2005|01:03am]

So. What are you fellows doing on Thursday evenings?
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[12 Oct 2005|04:16pm]

Hey Avatar X!

You started this whole thing right? So where's the recruitment - hell where's the gaming!?

When are we gonna game again you people - I'm itchy for it.
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Something primal... [23 Aug 2005|11:37pm]

Hey, all...

I'm working up rules for a primitive campaign setting, starting with 3E D&D/D20, taking some of KT's mechanics but none of his setting flavor, and working in some ideas of my own.

Working up a few custom classes, and a lot of dressing for the base classes that will be carried over, a custom magic system, and hopefully a new mechanic or two (I want to have a good system for developing discoveries as a primitive tribe innovates its way toward civilization, as well as a language check system for handilng encounters with people that don't speak the same language or dialect as you).

I figured some of you might be interested in this project, so let me know if you're into the concept, want to playtest, have ideas, etc. I'll be posting what I have worked up in the days and weeks to come.
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