Junior J. Junior III (jjjiii) wrote in clevo_gamenight,
Junior J. Junior III

Something primal...

Hey, all...

I'm working up rules for a primitive campaign setting, starting with 3E D&D/D20, taking some of KT's mechanics but none of his setting flavor, and working in some ideas of my own.

Working up a few custom classes, and a lot of dressing for the base classes that will be carried over, a custom magic system, and hopefully a new mechanic or two (I want to have a good system for developing discoveries as a primitive tribe innovates its way toward civilization, as well as a language check system for handilng encounters with people that don't speak the same language or dialect as you).

I figured some of you might be interested in this project, so let me know if you're into the concept, want to playtest, have ideas, etc. I'll be posting what I have worked up in the days and weeks to come.
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