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Now it is may 1946

July 18th 1945  - Trinity alters the war completely and grants accidental advantages where there were none.  The Atom Bomb is not a viable option - the super-soldier is now the ultimate weapon.  Trinity has caused Super Soldiers to come into existence everywhere though - now there is a third theater in the war.  

Nazi Germany has fallen already - but the occupation is suffering as Nazi- and Soviet and Allied Supermen struggle to win the peace - President Truman has given a clear indication that winning Germany from the Soviet Union is his top priority - creating a new stalemate and commiting the United States' best supermen to Europe.  Meanwhile the Pacific Theater has heated up.  Macarthur's island hopping strategy has been partly undone by the emergence of The Empire of Japan's own Supermen.  

The Japanese Supermen are divided into two camps - the Navy has it's own powers - who have reversed the situation of the Imperial Navy through amazing tactics and control of the weather - so that now the Battleship Yamamoto and it's fleet group govern the entire pacific - having sunk three Allied Carrier Groups since August of 1945.  The Imperial Army has not been so successful and MacArthur's strategy still holds.  The island campaigns are more and more important as air-supremacy has become the Allies' real advantage in the conflict.  Force projection is now accomplished entirely by para-drop and the Japanese Armie's island strongholds have been slowly but surely cracked open.  No longer able to select one island or another strategically-  every island that can hold an airfield is now of utmost importance in the drive for the home Islands.  Presently the Philippines are the center of conflict in the Pacific as the US attempts to liberate the entire nation.  On the Asian Mainland things are much worse for the Japanese.  Manchuria and Mongolia have been recaptured by the newly emerging Peoples Liberation Army - under the Command of Party Chairman Mao Zedong - himself s Super (apparently with Mind control powers).  The Soviet Union has come to the aid of these Red Chinese and President Truman has dissolved the United States' alliance with the Soviets - seeing North Asia as another battleground in a newly emerging war with the Soviets.  

Island Hopping is harder than it had been but Japanese resistance is all but broken.  Whenever an island is taken the soldiers there are found to be very young or very old and universally starving.  Conditions are bad - but the Imperial Army's Supermen are providing a valiant battle against the US's drive for the home Islands.  

The Imperial Navy is known to have 2 Supers 
- the Kamikaze (holy storm) - who controls the weather 
- Fleet Admiral Yamamoto - the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack and evidently a tactical genius

The Imperial Army has more Supers but they are less powerful
- The Samurai (the knight) - Stronger, faster and tougher than other men - he appears in old fashioned armor
- The Oni (the ogre) - Super Strong and terrifyingly ugly - he has been seen to shoot fire and hypnotize people
- The Kappa (frogman) - Some kind of shapeshifter 
- The Tengu - (wolfman) - Stronger and faster and tougher than other men

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