The Lion of Cleveland (kingtycoon) wrote in clevo_gamenight,
The Lion of Cleveland

Monday Nights - War of the Kliali Succession -

This is a High-Fantasy & Low-Magic setting (it’ll make sense as we play along) which is both Baroque - & Gothic . At the first session I’ll be distributing the campaign materials (everyone gets a free, illustrated 150 page book… in PDF format) & discussing which system we’d like to use and what kind of characters we’d like to play. 
We’ll be meeting to build character backgrounds & establish which system we’d like to use (I’m competent to run D20 – WoD or Rolemaster). A character concept is not necessary at this point! We’ll be constructing background and establishing characters during this first session & including a little light introductory adventure. Plan on playing an adolescent level 0 character for this first session – we’ll advance quickly after roles and personalities are established. 
This is a High-Adventure campaign – adventure & excitement are the heart of the game itself so don’t anticipate working for people doing odd jobs & taking a lot of direction. Self-directed characters will do well & those willing to adopt leadership roles will be advantaged considerably. 
In terms of play-times & frequency this game will run every other Monday night from 7 – whenever @ the Warzone Matrix on Rocky River – right near the Airport. 
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