The Lion of Cleveland (kingtycoon) wrote in clevo_gamenight,
The Lion of Cleveland

Monday Nights Please Respond!

Well, our games for mondays find themselves desperately seeking players.

Here's a question for all of you:  

Does anyone want to join a new game up at the Warzone?  It's an alright place to roll the dice, big tables, plenty of new people to join up.  They don't have any monday games right now and I'm going to try and co-ordinate our team here with their stock of players.  I find myself without much to do tonight and maybe you're in the same boat?

Here's what we'll do - Please Reply here and let me know if you're interested in coming/ able to come or if you've just had it alltogether and never want to roll the dice again.

If you're able - please come to the Warzone tonight at 7.  If you need directions or anything give me a call - 440-665-2356.
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Mondays are possible at Laura and I's place as well- preferable, actually.
Well - this is going to be gaming with strangers buddy - I didn't want to start inviting unknown people to your pad - why not come check out what I'm going to do - see the next post - and then see if there's anyone you want to invite to our superhero shennanigan? I think I'm ready to bring Gilbert back from mars...